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Preservation Awards


Each year the Steele County Historical Society (SCHS) seeks nominations for Preservation Awards. Steele County buildings or properties are recognized for their outstanding preservation, and /or restoration efforts. Honorees in the past have included Otto Wanous' home, Jefts Hall @ Pillsbury, Kottke Jewelers, KIK Graphics, Lerberg’s Store, Owatonna Public Utilities, the First Baptist Church, the Zamboni Building, the Alexander home, Louis Sullivan Bank and many others.


For a property to be considered, it should accurately reflect the architecture of the time it was built, be as close in its original detail as possible, and be in above average condition. Historical significance of the property and provenance are also desirable when choosing a nominee. Nominations may include homes, businesses, farmsteads, or other rural properties.


Preservation of historic structures is important to local history, and there are many wonderful preservation projects .SCHS looks forward to recognizing preservation efforts throughout Steele County, says the Society's Board of Directors.


All nominations must be received at the SCHS office by May 1. Awards will be announced in May during National Preservation Month. To nominate a property, please submit a letter explaining why you have chosen this property, some background information, the property’s historic significance, a photograph, and a contact to call.  Nominated properties will be visited by a selection committee. For more information please contact 451-1420. To submit a nomination, you can e-mail or mail it to SCHS 1700 Austin Road, Owatonna, MN  55060.

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