Current Exhibits at the Steele County Historical Society

Why do we create exhibits and what is our process?

While the primary duty of our Society is the preservation of our history, it is also part of our mission to share this history with the community. We do this through the creation of exhibits that we display in our Exhibition Hall.
Our exhibits are rotating and we create new ones each year to display and share with the public. Keep your eyes out to see what new exhibits are on the way!

If you have any ideas or themes for future exhibits that you would like to see, please let us know! Contact the History Center and we would be happy to hear from you.

County Schools: Beating Heart of the Community

Country Schools, known as One-Room Schools to many, were the primary educational opportunity to many people living in Minnesota in the early 20th century. These schools adopted different teaching techniques than are used today, as teachers had to teach a classroom that may have students aged 6-18 in one room!

While going through the exhibit, some local residents may have fond memories of attending one of these schools. Others may find it curious and strange, as these rural schools often lacked running water, indoor plumbing, smart boards, or hot lunches.
Stop out today to learn more about the unique qualities of these country schools and what made them so special. You’ll even have the chance to take a quiz to see if you know more than a country school student!

Our exhibits are created for audiences of all ages! Bring the family and learn about the varied and rich histories of Steele County

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The American Legion: A Powerful Factor for Good

This exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary of the American Legion’s founding, the first convention being held November 10, 1919 in Minneapolis. While the Grand Opening was celebrated in March with color guard, Legionnaires and many visitors in attendance, the exhibit is now again open during regular posted hours. The display includes the Post 77 parade Hack, a motorcycle from the Legion Riders who raise funds for many causes, particularly affecting veterans, the Quilts of Valor and activities of the Legion Auxiliaries. Featured are local student representatives to Girls and Boys State and the youth activities such as the Legion Baseball program. Interactive elements for children and adults are now available as take home activities, including making a poppy, a 3-D star and a word ladder to complete.


Parochial Schools:

A Fulfilling Educational Experience

Relating to our current exhibit on rural schools, this exhibit examines the many parochial schools of Steele County. Learn about the individual schools, their ties to local churches, and the history of the organizations and the students and teachers that made up their heart and soul.