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Current Exhibits at the Steele County Historical Society

Why do we create exhibits and what is our process?

While the primary duty of our Society is the preservation of our history, it is also part of our mission to share this history with the community. We do this through the creation of exhibits that we display in our Exhibition Hall.
Our exhibits are rotating and we create new ones each year to display and share with the public. Keep your eyes out to see what new exhibits are on the way!

If you have any ideas or themes for future exhibits that you would like to see, please let us know! Contact the History Center and we would be happy to hear from you.

Steele County Makes Music


Our primary exhibit for 2022 focuses on the rich and storied history of music in Steele County. Drawing from a variety of sources, including our museum collection, local performers, collectors, and more, this exhibit features a wide range of objects and documents. Visitors will walk through our exhibit hall and engage with the exhibit in new and fun ways, with interactive elements and even a karaoke station! Topics discussed range from the dance halls and music clubs of the past century, to the influence of Harry Wenger in the musical world, and the stories relating to the many groups and bands that have started right here in Steele County. 

This exhibit is a wonderful experience for local history enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Steele County Makes Music will be on display through December of 2022. 

Our exhibits are created for audiences of all ages! Bring the family and learn about the varied and rich histories of Steele County


The Woven Tapestry of Our Community: Genealogy in Steele County


This exhibit delves into the wonderful world of genealogy, exploring the many facets of the discipline. Guests will be able to learn about the basics of genealogical research, as well as see a number of items from our collection that relate to research, local families, and local history. 

A fascinating topic, the exhibit looks to excite the public and share the necessary skills and resources to help us learn more about our past. Interactive elements show visitors how to conduct research and use certain resources like scanners and digital organization. 

This exhibit is a must-see for those who are interested in their family history or want to know more. The Woven Tapestry of Our Community will be on display through December of 2022. 

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