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Invest in the Future of the SCHS

Annual Fund

Gifts to the annual fund are used for general operating support. Your gift will be used to assist students and researchers, to collect, preserve, protect and share Steele County's treasures for future generations, and support programming. With your donation, you sustain the Steele County Historical Society’s responsibility to keep the past vibrant and alive.

If you would prefer to target your gift to a specific purpose, please contact SCHS for the options available. 

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund enables members and friends of the Society to build a heritage of support for the generations to come. Supporting this fund with gifts apart from regular giving is one of the best ways to ensure that our mission and vision thrive for years to come.


You can designate a memorial gift for general support or for a specific purpose.

Collections Care

My gift will help acquire, preserve and protect the SCHS collections, including published family and local histories; historical and genealogical manuscripts; and other historical records and artifacts.

Educational Programs

Please use my gift to support educational programs for families, researchers, teachers, students, adults and children, both at the SCHS and through outreach programs around the county. My gift will enable the SCHS to share and teach our history and research methodologies.

Exhibit Development

Please apply my gift towards supporting an array of thematic exhibits at the SCHS museum.  I believe that it is critical to share the stories of Steele County through the presentation of objects and documents that illustrate important moments in our collective history.

The Gift of Stock

Consider using appreciated stock to support SCHS programs and services and maximize your tax benefits. We receive transfers easily.  To discuss transfer instruction, and get our account number, please call us.

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