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The Can Drive
Selling 100 to Raise $100,000 

SCHS is selling 100 commemorative motor oil cans for $1000 each to raise $100,000 for the Service Bay Addition. 

The motor oil cans featuring the donors name will be on permanent display in the future addition. Donors will also receive a commemorative certificate. 

Call 507-451-1420 to purchase your can.


Commemorative Oil Cans .png

Building Towards A Bright Future 

Future Service Bay Addition

Updated Service Bay Exterior- graphic Ap

Your donation will help make history


If you have any questions, or for more information about giving to the Steele County Historical Society, please contact: 

Jennifer Thiele, Executive Director,

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SCHS is fundraising for an addition to the Village of Yesteryear. This new building will provide a permanent display space for Steele County’s historic cars and the automotive manufacturing collection. The building will also feature space for a workshop and much needed storage for future SCHS collections growth.

The Challenge
SCHS does not have a permanent home for the automobile collection. The vehicles are shuffled between buildings during the summer months, and some are stored off-site during the winter. As these items are artifacts, they need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. There are only three buildings in the Village that are temperature-controlled, none of which can store the vehicles. In addition to not having adequate on-site storage for the vehicles, SCHS has not had an opportunity to showcase the automotive manufacturing history of Steele County. SCHS would like to solve both problems by constructing a new building in the Village of Yesteryear to display the automobiles with the automotive manufacturing history in a themed setting similar to the other Village buildings.


Permanent temperature-controlled home for the automotive collections.


Space is being designed for future SCHS collections growth.


Includes workshop and supply storage for the Village maintenance needs. 


New construction gives SCHS the opportunity to ensure the addition meets the American Alliance of Museums guidelines for museums collections care, standards, and practices. 

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